When my son started playing hockey, I found that it is impossible in Europe to get a quality hockey stick with a hard blade and a soft stick for young hockey players.

An adult player weighing 90 kg usually plays with the flexibility of sticks 65 to 110 to have a sharper shot. Small children weighing 25 kg have wooden sticks or sticks with the flexibility of a stick of 50 and still cut by 30 cm, which makes it even harder. Isn’t it upside down? Professionals “make shooting” easier and we make it even more difficult for children.

That’s why the JR20, JR30, JR40 and JR50 hockey sticks have a high-quality, hard blade like pro hockey sticks and a soft stick. The whole stick is made of one piece and is made of premium 100% 18k carbon. JR hockey sticks are the lightest hockey sticks on the market. The junior shaft fits beautifully in the hand. We supply the JR50 stick with a junior and intermediate shaft, after all, this stick is already used by advanced players. We do not intentionally use the Grip – generations of players who grew up on hockey sticks with a grip have a problem with the correct technique of the stick and hardly work with the lower hand on the stick. The combination of JR hockey stick parameters allows the youngest players to shoot sharper, lift the puck more easily when shooting and gives the player good habits when pulling and working with the disc. It helps advanced players with accurate and sharp shots, as well as fast dribbling.

Every player feels the speed of the puck, which he gives him together with the JR stick, and therefore he enjoys shooting every player and working on the stick technique.

Richard Jares

Richard jareŇ°
CEO / Founder