Advantages of the new generation JR ice hockey sticks:

  • Ice hockey stick made of one piece of 100% 18K Carbon
  • The lightest ice hockey stick on the market
  • Special shaft width for juniors
  • Special JR shaft for young players.
  • 25% quicker shot.
  • Faster stick-handling with the puck
  • Higher shoot accuracy
  • the lightest ice hockey stick on the market weighing 375g
  • stick length 155 cm

This ice hockey stick is ideal FOR PLAYERS weighing up to 55kg with height up to 164cm. Thanks to the ice hockey stick JR50 with FLEX 50, the young ice hockey players get the right habits they need. It’s also a great partner for shooting and stick-handling.

JR 50 flex
JR HOCKEY INTERMEDIATE ice hockey stick 100% carbon – FLEX50 INT
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