Benefits of JR HOCKEY sticks

  • One piece 100% 18k carbon
  • Blade Pattern P92 (Sakic)
  • Grip – Unique JR GRIP for young players
  • Blade sand effect
  • Size of shaft perfect fits to juniors. Junior size
  • 25% quicker shot.
  • Faster hands by stickhandling
  • Shooting accuracy
  • the lightest ice hockey stick on the market 260g
  • length 132cm

This ice hockey stick perfectly fits PLAYERS weighting 33kg and up to 142cm high.
With ice hockey stick JR30 with FLEX 30 young players learn the right habits, they need. Is also a great partner for shooting and stick-handling.

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Jrhockey flex30
Junior 100% carbon ice hockey stick JR30 – FLEX 30
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